Site Safe Operating Procedures for Rig Services

Diamond Energy Services

This project is collaborative writing at its best. The Diamond Energy team brings together their finest field workers across their operations to revisit, refine, and update their SOPs. We share safety stories. We talk real jobs. We reflect on near misses and historical incidents to be predictive and practical. We determine the best ways to mitigate risk and develop practices to keep workers safe and work efficient. Foundational safety practices from the source.

The work is centered around regular teleconference based working sessions with two key subject matter experts. We iterate content packets until they are acceptably complete for peer review. When we reached a stage where consensus would afford a step-change in the work, I joined the group onsite in Swift Current for a day and half of working sessions, engagement and consensus-building. Today, we are working toward the completion of an 18-chapter SOP that threads and integrates site JSAs supported by a deployment and sustainment plan to keep the work evergreening.

Field Competency Assurance Program for SAGD Operator

Major Energy Operator

It was great to be back again working with this major energy operator to address changes in competency requirements prompted by updated legislation in Bill 30 and the corresponding recently revised Occupational Health and Safety Act.

This Energy Operator has an embedded safety culture, so changes in regulation were an opportunity to revisit Front Line Supervisor competency. Front Line Supervisors, their leadership, mentoring and support are key to making sure workers go home to their families at the end of every day, injury free. This is the type of fulsome initiative spearheaded from an organization’s corporate operational management system and grounded to work in the field that makes for a seamless safety culture.

Over 6 months I worked closely with two key subject matter experts and five contributors to shape the Competency Assurance Standard and Program, Deployment Plan, and Assessment Rubrics. The program has been implemented into the field and successfully received.

Technical Content Direction for Energy Services

Quantum Downhole Systems

I especially like working with clients who have deep knowledge of an industry and professional experience in the trenches. Quantum is established in the industry and poised to expand their market share.

My colleague Jennifer Cioffi and I were approached to give a voice to their story. Jen worked with the Quantum team to develop a positioning strategy from which we developed a content plan. Armed with a positioning framework, I partnered with the exceptional Kevin Brennan of Build Studio to rework the Quantum website. With a refreshed website in place, we submitted an abstract to the SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium. The result was a multi-authored SPE paper (MS-193346) and presentation at the symposium.

Well Integrity Standard for Thermal Well Operator

Major Thermal Operator

Thermal operations are close to my heart. I spent nearly four years (2009 – 2012) working with several thermal operators to update Industry Recommended Practice 3. Since that time, many thermal organizations have adopted a systematic and preventative methodology for well containment.

This major thermal well operator was seeking to succinctly document its life-cycle approach to well integrity. Over a year and a half, I participated in interdisciplinary sessions to explore and determine the risks to well containment. I worked closely with Subject Matter Experts to document fundamentals, correlate risks and mitigations all in an effort toward ensuring well integrity across all thermal operations. The final document totaled 175 pages across seven chapters.